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Underground Niche Marketing Super Affiliate Reveals...

"The Fail-Proof System That Generates Autopilot Commissions For You Even When You Don’t Have A Website, Product Or List Using FREE Traffic Only!"

Within minutes, you will be able to enter your affiliate id, click a button and have the Ready Niche Profits Plug-And-Play System set up to pull in traffic, subscribers and sales day after day like clockwork.

And you’ll be able to profit from hot niches and make easy and passive income…

Without creating a single website

Without creating an expensive $5000 product

Without writing a single pre-sell email

Without creating a single pre-sell or product review website

Without reading through a 200-page thick “Niche Marketing 101” manual

blowing your last dollar on Adwords again....

*** Sample Income Proof ***

Clickbank Income Statement

Here's a Clickbank earnings screenshot from ONE account using our system

There are many other Clickbank statements like this and this is only from one account ...

Huh? Not impressive?

If you are looking for those "$24,734 Per Day" kind of income statements, I can promise you
that you will never find them here.

I am simply not interested to impress you with bogus income statements like those you often
see on hyped-up sales letters by fake gurus.

But if you are interested in making REAL money like what you just saw...read on

From: Davion Wong, the Underground Niche Marketer

Dear Struggling Affiliate,

If you have been struggling to make money online and simply want an easy and proven system that can let you bank in cool checks from affiliate programs consistently and passively, then you cannot afford to skip this message.

Most affiliates fail not because they don’t try hard enough.

In fact, I know of many diligent folks who seriously want to quit their jobs and earn a full-time income online.

They fail because they have been Totally Misled!

Tell me, have you recently bought a copy of the latest expensive “secret sauce” system sold by a guru?

You open the package, and right before you is a killer but complicated 10-step blueprint that promises you that you will make gazillions of dollars once you implement them. And they make it sound super easy.

You do everything the guru shows you, blow your last dollar on Adwords and still have no results to show. Sounds familiar?

Most of these so-called “magical recipes” don’t work because the real money-making juice is kept hidden from you. Many of these systems are also NOT designed with the average or newbie marketer in mind.

They either require you to have special skills, tons of money to spend or years of experience in order to succeed!

Come on, surely not everyone is a good copywriter, skilled webmaster, have the years of experience to boast of, $1000s to blow on Adwords campaigns or an entire team of virtual assistants working hard behind the scene to create the income most can only dream of.

The “secret sauce” only works for them, plain and simple.

Okay, you may be able to make a little money from these “secret recipes” but to truly achieve the level of success they promise? No Way! Stop Dreaming!

That’s what happens all the time. But you don’t have to be a victim always.

Here is a Mind-Blowing Truth. Are you ready to hear it?

It is actually easy to make money online…without these so-called “secret sauces”.

The so-called gurus want you to keep believing in that “miracle pill”, so that they can continue to repackage the old rehashed stuff, give it another spin and sell it to you over and over again.

Enough is enough! It’s time someone stops this baloney.

I get really upset when I see many of my friends and subscribers become victims of these lies. It gets on my nerves!

I have been a newbie myself and know how rotten that feels.

Many people like you could be genuinely looking for a way to stop dragging your feet to office, get out of the rat race and truly own an online business, the freedom and time to do things you truly enjoy with the people you love.

I have been through that and know that time is precious, and we don’t always have many hours to create the online income we desire.

This is why I decided to share with you a system I have perfected over 2 years of learning, hard work, testing and proven results. It's what I would call an "Instant Shortcut" to real online income.

Before I go on, I want to share some shocking discoveries with you:

Fact 1 - Sending direct traffic to sales page converts 1% at best in most cases.

In other words, only 1 out of 100 visitors you send directly to a sales page without any sales funnel will buy the product. The rest just leave!

Fact 2 – 99% of all traffic is totally wasted

When you do not follow up with the 99% traffic that doesn’t buy on the first time, you lose them forever.

All the hard work in writing articles and hundreds of expensive Adwords clicks to drive all that traffic go down the drain.

Fact 3 - Thousands of affiliates continue to send traffic directly to sales page!

Don’t believe me? Take a look at some of the PPC campaigns and articles from EzineArticles.

Fact 4 – 95% of marketers never makes a real dollar in profit!

Majority of marketers spend more on advertising than they make from their sales. That’s sad, isn’t it?

What if there is a complete niche profit system that allows you to:

Explode the conversions 5 or even 10 times with the SAME traffic … so that you can stop worrying about traffic and start earning more commissions.

Convert first-time visitors into hungry buyers ready to flash out their credit cards to buy what you recommend.

Squeeze the leaving non-buying visitors into a sales funnel and continues to follow up with them until they buy your frontend, backend, upsell, downsell…

So that all you need to do is to show them the door of your sales funnel …

and join the ranks of the 5% who make a good living online.

Yes, This Exact System Allowed Me To Bank In $147,443 Commissions Within 9 Months Using Only FREE Traffic...

Actual Screenshots Of Affiliate Earnings

Quick, I Want To Order The Profit System Now!

Ready Sites In Hot Profitable Niches!

  Hi Davion,

Building niche sites has always been a headache. Not only that, the hard part is finding profitable niches.

But Ready Niche Profits solve both of my problems. And you even supply the ready review sites targeting the right niches so that I can save my time testing different niches.

Your site can literally save any marketer lots of time and money in testing, finding the right niche and designing the site from scratch.

Now, I love the simplicity of Ready Niche Profits. All you need to is to plug in your affiliate id and your site is up automatically.

I am glad that you really took care of the traffic aspect by providing top class traffic training.

How I wish I have this system when I first started in marketing.

John Yeo
Pro Wedding Blogger


I have tested every sales funnel that I can find, tried different traffic generation methods, SEO techniques, sales conversion techniques, opt-in conversion techniques…before arriving at this Ready Niche Profits system.
Ready Niche Profits System
But you will notice that up till today, there’s a lot of work involved to set up a system like this.

Imagine setting this up yourself. Sure, the system definitely works but ...

You have to do research to find out which niches and products are likely to be profitable, dig into keywords and run testings before you finally end up with a potential niche and product. At this stage, it is still testing! And you are not even in profits yet ...

Then, you have to create a product review website packed with professional content and pre-sell material that makes your visitors want to hand over their cash to you.

Let’s face it, not everyone is a good copywriter.

Finally, you have to purchase and set up an autoresponder loaded with a series of emails to follow up with your visitors. Writing a good email that pre-sells well is no easy task and you probably know that.

And that’s just for one niche that you market to.

I know that some of you will quickly put this blueprint to work immediately.

But the fact is most affiliates will not.

Why? There is just too much work and pain involved!

And that’s the reason why most affiliates are not making sales in niches at all …

If you are asking yourself any of these questions,

How would you know what niche and products are profitable?

How are you going to create a professional review website?

How can you write good product reviews to convert my visitors to buyers?

How can you set up an autoresponder?

How are you supposed to write emails that not only educate subscribers but convert them into buyers?

And a whole host of “how to”…

Then I have a straight answer for you. You Don’t Have To!

I initially planned to just coach you to master the system but I was thinking…

Why Should I Stop At Coaching You …

When I Can Offer The Complete Ready Niche Profit System On A Silver Platter To You?

We Have Done All The Hard Work For You!

Introducing The Ready Niche Profits System,

The Only Fail-Proof, Plug-And-Play Profit System

Your Instant Short-Cut To Enter Hot Niches And Generate Passive Recurring Income

Set And Forget System To Follow Up And Close Sales For You Day After Day, Month After Month!

If you have been searching for a complete income system that is autopilot and passive, then your search ends now.

You have just FOUND it.

It is the result of 2 years of extensive testing and tweaking that makes the system fail-proof and friendly.

Want proof that this system works and is so user-friendly?

What you see right below is an account of George, one of our beta testers who just started using our system 4 months ago.

Now, for a family man like him, having an extra few thousand dollars a month has helped paid for the mortgage and other household expenses. He probably can even afford to bring his family out for a nice holiday.

George Clickbank Income Statement

This is another user Jessie's account after going through our system for less than 2 months.  This is the first system that she has used successfully to make money, after spending thousands of dollars on worthless reports and systems.

This may not be much but for someone who is new and has never made consistent daily sales, this is like getting her first pot of gold. Her first target, $1000 to $1500 per month is within reach now.

Income Statement

Now, these are proof that the Ready Niche Profit system works even for those who are new to marketing.

And I have developed killer Ready Niche Profit Packs in various niches based on the system.

Each Ready Niche Profit Pack is a full income system handling the pre-selling, sales conversion, follow-up and traffic generation in a targeted niche.

Take a peek at what's in store for you within each pack.

What You Will Receive:

Module 1 - Ready Niche Profit Site


Professional niche review mini-site in a hot niche that is proven to be profitable. You will receive one in a new niche every month!




Product comparison of 3 top converting products, the individual review of each product and outstanding graphics.


The product comparison and reviews are written by professional writers to push all the “hot buttons” of your frontend visitors and get them to buy what you recommend.



  Each review site comes with the opt-in feature to squeeze your visitors into our killer follow-up system to close the sale for you!




We will send a series of educational newsletters and pre-sell emails to make front-end sales or even recurring commission products.

Once they are inside the follow-up system, we will continue to sell them on the upsell, downsell and other related products.

In other words, they are your customers for life and your affiliate link will be inserted into every email we send.

Every sale is credited to you even if it takes place 3 or 5 years later.



See How Module 1 And 2 Work Together

The system is set up to capture sales and subscribers for you!

Not Only That...

We'll Set Up And Host Everything For You!

You do not need to set up any web hosting or autoresponder at all for Modules 1 & 2...

In other words, your Ready Niche Profit Site is set up automatically for you and so is the follow-up sales system.

Once you are inside our membership area, all you need to do is add your affiliate id and grab your review site link to promote, completely hassle-free.

And you are set for passive long-term income.

I Am Convinced. Let Me In Now!

We Made It Plug-And-Play For You

As you can see, the system is truly plug-and-play and easy to understand.

And within the next 5 minutes, you are ready to pull in lifetime, recurring commissions.

Think about it - is there a system faster and easier than that?

All you need to do is send traffic to your Ready Niche Profit Site.

Wait, I know you have one question.

What about the traffic generation part of the equation?

I am glad you asked.

We understand traffic generation very well and know exactly what works and what doesn’t.

Here Are Your Traffic Silver Bullets...

Article marketing is a highly effective way to drive traffic. Well-written articles can rank easily within Top 10 in the search engines and send targeted and high quality traffic.

Not everyone knows how to do keyword research and write unique and quality articles.

But we do!

  For each niche pack, you will receive 20 high quality articles that are written by top Platinum-status EzineArticles writers.




These are all keyword-targeted and optimized to rank in the search engines. Keywords and content are well-researched.

  Submit them to article directories like EzineArticles and Web 2.0 sites like Squidoo lens, HubPages, etc and get ready for some serious traffic to your Ready Niche Profit Site.



Here's Another Silver Bullet - Niche Videos

Watch The Sample Video Below

Video sharing sites like YouTube and DailyMotion get billions of views daily. This is why video marketing is able to send visitors to your website quickly.

Up till now, creating a professional video takes a long time and requires special skills.

Leave these tedious and professional work to us!

  For each niche pack, you will receive 6 professionally created infomercial niche videos. See the sample video above.




Not only that, we are also giving you 2 sets of 9 video clips each to create 54 unique videos!

  Submit all the videos to YouTube, Viddler, DailyMotion and other popular video sharing sites. You can also post them on blogs for more traffic to your Ready Niche Profit Site. Imagine the amount of traffic you can receive.



Your Third Silver Bullet - Well-Researched Keywords

Whether you are using PPC advertising or bum marketing to send more traffic to your niche profit site, keywords will be crucial to you.

Get them wrong and there goes your money and time!

You can easily spend hundreds of dollars paying keyword research services or spend hours on manual keyword research.

Why not let us get them ready for you?

  For each niche pack, you will receive a keyword list that tells you the search volume and the level of competition for each keyword.




These are all keywords that you can use instantly to create articles and Web 2.0 pages. Target them for videos as well.

  Plug them into your articles, Web 2.0 pages and videos and you are ready to dominate Google, Yahoo and MSN.



When We Say That We Want You To Succeed, We Mean It

If you take action now to secure your membership, you will not only receive 1 complete Ready Niche Profit Pack but 3 complete income packs and it does not stop there.

You will also receive a brand new Ready Niche Profit Pack in a hot niche every single month.

That’s correct.

3 Brand New Ready Niche Profit Packs
You can start cashing in within the next 5 minutes!

Start Profiting Now!

Let’s recap.

In each of the 3 turnkey business packs, you will be getting,

1 ready niche profit site which does all the pre-selling and selling for you on the frontend.

You don’t need to know HTML, FTP, create any website or write a single product review ever. Your profit site is hosted on our server. No uploading is needed.

Squeeze feature on the profit site that pulls in visitors and follow up with them to close the first sale and other related offers.

You don’t need to write a single email or know how to set up an autoresponder
at all. We got that all covered. You just send the visitor and earn your recurring, passive income.

20 ready niche articles that you can use to promote your profit site.

You don’t have to suffer the writer’s block again or try hard to think of what to write.

6 ready niche videos and 2 sets of 9 video clips (total 18 video clips) you can use to send more visitors to your profit site.

You don’t need to spend hours searching for video footage and images to create your video.

1 keyword list containing keywords that are researched thoroughly. Perfect for bum marketing and even PPC.

You can save hours and precious dollars on keyword research. Let us do all the hard work for you.

Get Ahead Of 99% Of Niche Affiliate Marketers...

Wow Davion!  You must have spent some serious money and your team must have bent over backwards creating all this, which I know would normally cost an arm and a leg... review sites, professional infomercial videos, e-mails that are even pre-loaded, articles, keyword research, you've got it all...

I know people who have been online over a year who still can't figure out how to get their system set up.  This is an excellent solution for people who want an instant niche affiliate biz...it's all a matter of driving traffic to your system.

I particularly like the 6 professional infomercial videos you get with each pack. You can submit them to video sites for traffic. This module alone I believe is worth more than the investment you're asking for.

I haven't personally seen this much real world value in a "plug and play" package before.  Then again, it's expected from you because I know you're one of the few people who actually makes money with niche affiliate marketing who is also selling a plug and play package.  So it makes sense that you would know exactly what people need to make it happen for themselves...

Other internet marketers throw plug and play packages together just to make it nice and shiny... they're pretty much saying, "Here's a whole lot of stuff!"  But in your package here, I can see it's actually put together so it can be used in unison to make money the way you do.  And that makes all the difference.  It's a complete system.

I think people who get this package are going to get way ahead of 99% of niche affiliate marketers since they'll have their system set up instantly and the articles, keyword lists and videos to drive traffic to the system you built for them, which is based on what works well for you.

This is all incredibly valuable, and serious niche affiliates shouldn't think twice about getting it all now and having literally everything they need in place overnight.

My rating: 5 stars out of 5.

Jason Parker



Niche Websites Are Gold Mines!

Where have you been all this while Davion? Niche websites are gold mines!
Simply because niche websites are timeless and never go out of style -  They
reap you constant income month after month.

I've been banking over $100,000 every year through my various niches websites.

How I wished Ready Niche
Profits was available when I first started. It provides you with everything to start generating huge incomes using niche websites.

I'm gunning for 7
figures this year with the use of Ready Niche Profits. =)

Alvin Huang



We Are Committed To Make It Work For You

Let Us Coach You To Success!

Now that you have your turnkey business system all set up for you, it is time to turn on the traffic pipeline to send all the huge traffic that you want.

We have been through the stage of not knowing what to do and we understand how it feels to be lost.

This is why we are not going to let you go and figure things out on your own.

No more trial and error!

  Within the membership area, you will be able to learn all the traffic generation methods that work. Completely zero-fluff.




We have a series of video tutorials and reports that show you exactly how to send targeted visitors “the kind who spends money” to your ready niche profit sites.

  In the next minutes, you will have instant access to training in

Article Marketing

Video Marketing

Forum Marketing

And many powerful traffic techniques that produce results.

Bottom line is these methods we teach you have been responsible for driving millions of visitors to our niche mini-sites for years.

And we are not afraid to reveal them to you.



Okay, I Am Convinced But With So Much Value In The Membership, Is It Going To Cost A Hefty Sum?

Not At All!

Let's recap what's inside the membership,

Membership Item Description

3 Ready Niche Profit PacksValue

Within each pack, you will receive:

1 Ready Niche Profit Site complete with sales follow-up system

20 Ready Niche Articles

6 Ready Niche Videos

2 Sets Of 9 Video Clips (Total 18 Clips)

1 Keyword List






Ready Niche Traffic Training

Within the membership, there is a traffic training center where you will receive training on how to drive traffic.

You will be able to download video tutorials and reports.

This training alone is a private membership worth $67/month.



But This Is Not What You Have To Pay...

For a limited time, I am going to offer the membership to the first 100 members at the price of $99.90 $69.90 $49.90 $29.90 only!

You will get the membership access for one low introductory price, even though this could easily help you replace your current income within a year. Not only that, I will take all the risk here and give you my ...

The Only "Catch" Is The Low Price Will Not Stay Long...

This special low price is only good for a limited time and for the first 100 members only. I will be increasing the price soon. Trust me, this is not a gimmick.

The reason why I am doing this is to help 2 groups of people. Those who genuinely are sick of those "hyped up" systems and just want to make some real income with an easy system like this.

And those who already know the value of this package but find it expensive and challenging to outsource.

But since this is a business, it has to remain profitable to me. At this low price, profits are marginal. And once the first 100 memberships are taken, the price will go up to $49.90, $69.90 or $99.90. I am still deciding.

At the same time, I am only opening the doors to a limited number of people - 300 only. Once the number is reached which I believe will be very soon, the membership will be closed.  

It should be easy for you to decide because after all,

 The Ready Niche Profits System Is A Complete Income Solution That Is Set Up For You In 5 Minutes!

There is no other system that does 90% of the work for you, right? I said 90% because you still have to put in some effort to drive traffic. But other than that, everything else is set up for you on autopilot.

You do not have to do any niche, product and keyword research. You also don't have to create any website or upload any website. You also don't have to write a single email or product review.

And the best thing is, we are hosting your profit site and autoresponder for you! More savings for you...

Right before you is a complete income system that provides all the tools you need to make money - review profit site with sales follow-up system and traffic generation modules like articles, videos and keywords.

And even if you are new to marketing and don't know how to send traffic, our traffic training center  will provide you with the necessary training to equip you to become an expert marketer.

So, as far as you can see, everything is covered - both tools and training at a price that is cheaper than a meal out for the family.

You have nothing to lose. The only thing you can lose is the chance to grab your membership at a low price if you don't act now. I hate to see you come back only to find out that the price has increased or the memberships are all taken up.

There is one thing you can do now.

Yes Davion!
Give Me Access To The Ready Niche Profits System So That I Can Make Real Income Today!

I want your entire income system for building my own niche business that can give me a four or five-figure income.

I understand that I will receive INSTANT access upon receipt of my successful payment so that I can get started right away...instead of ending up in frustration again trying other systems that don't work.

I'll only invest $99.90 $69.90 $49.90 $29.90 for my first month at this special  founding member price! Subsequently, the membership fee is locked at $29.90 per month for all founding members.

And there's zero risk for me, because:

Davion is standing behind Ready Niche Profits with his personal 30-day money-back guarantee. I can try everything out, make real money with the system...and get a full refund if I'm not completely satisfied.

So I don't have any problem clicking the 128-bit secure order button below...

This is the only key you need to unlock an income and lifestyle that you have always desired for yourself and your family.

Do not hesitate any longer!

All the best to you,

P.S -
We all make choices in our lives. Some are right which benefit us, while some poor choices we make cause us regrets. Today, you can choose to go on and try other systems and continue banging your head against the wall in frustration when you realize that they don't work at all. Or you can choose to take up the membership right now and get started within the next 5 minutes!

P.S.S - The low price you see now is good for this introductory promotion period and limited number of memberships. Once we hit our first 100 members, the price will be revised to probably $49.90 and above. It will be a real pity for you to come back again only to find out that you have missed the offer.

P.S.S - There is zero risk involved for you. The membership comes with a full 30-day money back guarantee. Go ahead and take a test drive of our system. We are confident that you will make your membership fees back and you will realize that the value of the package you receive is so huge. But if you find that it is not working for you, we will give you a full refund. Fair right?

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